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The Swap-O-Matic @ the Built In Brooklyn Craft Fair 11-26

I stopped by the Built in Brooklyn Craft Fair at LaunchPad this weekend. As usual, I was delighted by the unique crafts and treats sold by the local artisans. We picked up some yummy banana caramel pudding from a vendor there–perfect for a dinner party after. Also, I traded in my husband’s interactive yoda and star wars light saber (which will make a great gift for a young Star Wars fan). Plus, we’re trying to clear some space for a new baby! All in all a successful visit to LaunchPad! See the photos below:


Swap-O-Matic – a Vending Machine that Promotes Sustainability's comment is:
[...] Creamery to enjoy a good ice cream and see how the green future of vending machines can look like.[Image credit:]Raz Godelnik is the co-founder of Eco-Libris, a green company working to green up the [...]
On Jan.27.2012 at 10.04 AM
Swap-O-Matic – a Vending Machine that Promotes Sustainability | My Blog's comment is:
[...] [Image credit:] [...]
On Jan.29.2012 at 6.56 PM
scatmaster's comment is:
Sacrilege. Your husband was okay with giving away his Yoda.
On Feb.13.2012 at 7.45 PM
    admin's comment is:
    He knew it would go to a better home! Yoda's wisdom needs to be passed on :)
    On May.23.2012 at 3.57 PM
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